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Technische Daten - Panther Kallista 2.8

Hersteller: Panther Car Company
Typ: Kallista 2.8 / MK IV, Linkslenker
Baujahr/Delivered: 21.Aug.1989, Panther Car factory Harlow, Essex
Farbe: GL 05 metallic burgundy (PORSCHE 895)
Maße: 3900mm x 1712mm
Maschine: 2.8 Liter (2773 cm3), 6-Zylinder, Vergaser, 99kW / 135PS
Speichenräder/Felgen: WIL 6j x 14 h2 xw 727 (Hersteller: Wheels India LTD.), Schlauchlos mit Silikondichtung (DOW CORNING(R) 1080 OXIME SEALANT TRANSLUCENT)

Emotional Data - Why a Panther Kallista

Ich denke wer einmal dem Panther verfallen ist kommt von ihm nicht mehr los. Stöbert man in Zeitungen aus der Zeit, in der der Panther Kallista gebaut wurde, stellt man schnell fest, dass es das nicht beschreibbare Andere ist was ihn Kennzeichnet......

"As I approached the Panther Kallista a big smile broke across my face as the little boy in me anticipated with relish the thought of going to play cars......... The Kallista is like a mistress representing something you tell yourself you should not have, but if you are going to have a fling she will not disappoint, so you may as well sit back and enjoy it - bearing in mind that she's expensive to run and it could end in tears. She's also a little bit on the wild side, she lacks pedigree and she's impractical but, you know, she turns heads, so it's good to be seen in her company, she's fast mover and she brings out the boy in you. Dammit, I think I'm falling in love.", MotorSport, Page 66&67, October 1988



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